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SSI is the only training agency that offers online training for free for Snorkeling, Scuba and Open Water Diver.

Learn to Dive 

Start your online training for free now!

The benefits are obvious, interested people like you now have the opportunity to obtain information about diving or snorkeling in detail, without any financial risk. The Online Training offers the unique opportunity to take a knowledge-based to sign up a new sport decision.

How does free online training for Open Water Diver course work? 

Training can start now at the comfort of your home. Online training allows you to learn at your own pace. It also allows you to have more practice time on the water. 

Once you have completed the online theory will make a review session with your SSI Dive Center and then start with the pool sessions. This is the time to practice the exercises and learn about the importance of quality dive equipment. Once finished the session pool you’re ready for your Open Water dives. 

This program is designed to educate you on what it means to be a diver. Upon completion, you’ll make a decision about where you want to complete your diving certification and what you can expect  from a quality training. Also successfully completed the theoretical part of the course required for Open Water Diver SSI. 

The information provided shows what it takes to become a safe and comfortable diver. At any time during your education, you can contact your Local SSI Dive Center and enroll in a full diving course! 

What can you expect? 

1 Register: To start the FREE online program, the first thing you have to do is register. We need your name, date of birth, email address and ZIP code. This is the information we need to record your progress and contact your nearest SSI Dive Center. The SSI Dive Centre will receive notification of your registration (with your permission). They are there to help you in each step and can put any questions or concerns. 

2 Program: Focuses on necessary to become a Diver theory. 

3 Ending the Theory On-Line: If you want to continue your dive training, need to visit theSSI Dive Center who chose to enroll in a diving course. After the center / diving school have enrolled in the course will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical training in their diving lessons. 

4 Subscribe to Diving Center: When will register for classes, make sure that the dive center is a dive center certified by SSI-Scuba Schools International. Only they can prove the theory that you have completed online. 

5 Finish Certification and GO DIVING! 

Now, it starts to Adventure! Click HERE to register for Online Services SSI 

PADI eLearning 

If you’re looking for a flexible way to make the theory of your diving course, fit the course schedule in your super busy schedule, or if you prefer to learn via the web, the online programs are PADI diving the right way. 

Get started now: 

• Open Water Diver (English, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Italian and Dutch) 

• Scuba Tune-up Online 

• Advanced Open Water Diver Online 

• Rescue Diver Online 

• Enriched Air Diver Online 

• Digital Underwater Photographer Online 

• Dive Theory Online 

• Divemaster Online 

 If you want to take diving lessons to start your dive training or are ready to advance as a diver, PADI eLearning is a comfortable way to learn. 

 You can immediately start with the development of knowledge at your own pace with the PADI eLearning system. 

 Click HERE and start now!