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Azores Sub Dive Center has daily at your disposal a wide range of activities.Diving Trips for all those who already have a diving certification.

Discover Programs (Diving Baptisms) either in the pool or in the sea for those who want to dive for the first time in the fascinating underwater world and also Snorkeling trips for those who not wishing to go for underwater. We operate all the year.

The months of January and December are for International Promotion.Have you ever imagined how is to dive in hydrothermal vents? Fell the force of nature in its purest state?

Yes, Azores Sub Dive Center gives you this possibility either if you are a certified diver or have never experienced the world of diving.
Given its characteristics this is a product for everyone. Come and experience this relaxing dive!


- Dive Trips

Discover Scuba Diving (try Dives)

- Snorkeling