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ACCESS:By boat, about 15 minutes from Vila Franca do Campo
DEPTH: 4 meters (min), 15 meters (max)
IDEAL FOR:  Underwater photography, Night Dive, Snorkeling. 
Marine Life: 3
Bottom: 3
Difficulty: 1

The Tufo is located on the south coast of São Miguel Island, between Ponta Garça and Ribeira Quente.

After getting to the top of the down which is located only to 4 meters deep, fall in the wall to north that have a maximum of 11 meters.

Following to South you will have a maximum of 15 meters.

The numerous passages between large passages forms authentic walls and the cracks on the rocks are true sanctuaries of life.

Several species of moray eels, octopuses, blacktail combers, parrotfishes, Madeira rockfish and Guinean puffers can be observed during the dive. It’s also usual to see congers with quite considerable dimensions.

On top of the ornate wrasses, salema porgies and trigger fishes are some of the species that give us the pleasure of their presence during the safety stop.