West Farilhão

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DESCRIPTION:Natural Reserve of the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo
ACCESS: By boat, about 5 minutes from Vila Franca do Campo 
DEPTH: 8 meters (min), 22 meters (max)
IDEAL FOR: Underwater photography, night diving, snorkeling
Marine life: 3
Bottom: 3
Difficulty: 1

The islet of Vila Franca do Campo is located on the south coast of São Miguel Island, less than 500 meters from the shore, just opposite the village that owes its name.

The islet, circular in shape, corresponds to the submerged part of a small submarine volcano originated more than 4000 years.

This dive is done on the west side of the islet of Vila Franca do Campo. Between 8 and 13 meters a platform where we can find natural formations of holes and passages. In this area we can find: Ornate wrasses, parrotfish, barred hogfish, moray eels, salema porgies, blacktail combers and also Azores chromis.

Between 13 and 22 meters we have a wall full of life with morays, octopus, hake, grouper and also several species of nudibranchs. On sand we can always find the wide-eyed flounders and is common to find several species of rays and even huge stingrays.

Looking into the blue that surrounds this amazing scenario we have the white travellies, yellowmouth barracudas, almaco jacks and sometimes the bluefishes.