Baixa do Pisão

ACCESS: boat, about 10 minutes from Vila Franca do Campo
DEPTH: 6 meters (min), 18 meters (max).
IDEAL FOR: Underwater photography, Night Dive, Snorkeling.
Marine life: 3
Bottom: 3
Difficulty: 2
Baixa do Pisão is located on the south coast of the island of São Miguel. Just 100 meters away from the shore this spot is characterized by a mixture of coastal diving and wall diving. 
Between 6 and 9 meters at the top of the down there were several rock formations that form between them, canyons, where you can observe several species of moray eels, of nudibranchs, octopuses, ornate wrasses, Azores chromis and where sometimes also can observe seahorses. 
The wall... Descend initially to a depth of 12 meters we reach the sand.
Then we can find wide-eyed flounders and sometimes stingrays. In the wall and at only 15 meters deep we can  black coral. 
In blue we find many species as the trigger fish, large schools of salema porgies, white trevallies and also Yellowmounth Barracudas.