ACCESS:By boat, about 15 minutes from Vila Franca do Campo
DEPTH: 15 meters (min), 28 meters (max)
IDEAL FOR: Underwater photography
Marine Life: 3
Bottom: 3
Difficulty: 3

Amora is located in the south coast of São Miguel Island between Ponta Garça and Ribeira Quente.Unlike other dive sites, this is characterized by not having any type of rock formation, but stone rolled with considerable dimensions based on a sandy bottom.

The dive begins at a depth of 15/16 meters down to 28 meters at maximum depth, where big dusky groupers live.During all the dive we have the company of barred hogfish, ballan wrasses, parrotfish and blacktail combers.

In all stone area we have ornate wrasses, morey eels, salema porgies and Madeira rockfishes.

In the blue is common to find large schools of Almaco Jacks, trigger fishes, yellowmouth barracudas and white trevallies.